Saturday, November 14, 2009

Candle making...

Thought I'd take a little detour and show some pics of the process involved in making soy candles. I like making them but haven't done so in quite a while. I must have melted close to 7kg of wax on Thursday. It take a lot of wax to make candles, close to 200gm for a medium size. These are scented in a variety of scents but I haven't coloured them. Firstly soy wax can react strangely to colour and most people seem to like the simple, more elegant, look of the natural wax colour.

First, wick all the washed jars. The wicks are stuck to the jars with little circles much like 'Dimensionals".

Melt the wax. I used to do in jugs over water but this method is easier for lots of wax, its just a deep fryer with the basket removed.

You then scent the wax and pour it into the jars. It should be at about 58 degrees. I have wick centring tools which I use to keep my wick from falling over - the simplest & most effective way to do so. These are like the 'Stamp-a-majig' of the candle world.

Not a great pic, sorry. Next step, remove the wick-centring do-dad, trim the wick & pop on the lid. Will provide a pick of a finished candle when I've done these last steps. The room smells good though sometimes if I'm playing with lots of fragrances I need an anti-histamine. There is one fragrance I can never use again, it made my nose clog, my eyes itch, sneezing, the lot.

My stamping stuff used to be kept in this room too (it is 2/3 of my garage converted to a craft room, complete with bench, cupboards, sink & dishwasher) until I made over half my study (see this post for details). The wax & body product stuff was crowding out the stamping, & vice versa. Became impossible to do anything. Now it works much better all round.

Thanks for visiting, hopefully there'll be card pics tomorrow,

Fi xox


Danielle Daws said...

Cool! I can't wait to see the final photos. :)

Karen said...

Hi Fi! I didnt know you made candles!! That is just awesome! Go you!!


Lee-Anne Barry said...

Hi Fiona

Thanks heaps for sharing that, I love all of your candles, especially the green pillar one with all the different shades of green. It looks beautiful. Thanks for the photo's too, it's great to see the process.

The week I go away will be my first attempt at making them...I am going to do soy ones, as I thought they looked easy to begin with. I think they will make great Christmas presents, I have a few Christmas scents and then normal fragrances as well.

Hope you have enjoyed your time off, it certainly looks like you're having fun :)

Take care
Love Lee-Anne

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