Monday, November 16, 2009

Finished candles..

Just a quick post, before I do some card posts ("about time", I hear you say), to show the finished candles. The soy ones don't look as interesting as some of the pillar candles I've made in the past but they do look lovely IRL & smell divine.

Here are some past candles. The textured crystally one is palm wax, the striped ones are paraffin. The palm & soy are natural, burn more cleanly & are easy to clean up. Paraffin is better for making smooth candles or layering.

Have a great day. Hope you're not too hot (I'm in the aircon, but I was cleaning & cooking...),

Fi xox


Lee Pelosi said...

It's your stalker here, just going backwards on your blog with a nice cuppa... and found these adorable candles! What a clever cookie you are! I love the crystalline one, and the layered one... :)

Lee x

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