Sunday, August 30, 2009

New stamping space

In my June holidays I created a new area to to stamp in and to store my (extensive amount of) stamping supplies . I have a room that I created from part of my garage where I make body products & candles, & my stamping stuff was there too. However it was getting terribly disorganised and made it hard to actually do any of my hobbies. Also, as you would have figured out by now, I am still at the stage where I either CASE card ideas or use challenges to kick of the creative process. Thus I thought that moving my stamping stuff into my study, & near my computer, would work well.

It took about a week all up. I painted a bookcase that was in my shed and had to borrow a mate's drill as mine was too 'whoosey' to drill through the brick. i am pretty proud of the results as it is all done by 'girl power'. Here's some pics of the process:

The hardest part was drilling the holes & getting the brackets straight. Very hard for one person. They seem pretty straight if you don't look too closely (the pic makes them look even more crooked than they actually are, LOL).

I had this desk in the other room. It was a bit of a struggle to get it into the study as I have a built-in robe & a large bookcase that left a gap that was just too small. Some creative maneuvering got us there though (Mum helped me with this, thanks Mum xox!). I use the pull-out keyboard shelf to hold my paper trimmer & 'stampin-scrub'.

I already owned the rails that I've used to store the punches, I had them lying around waiting to be used in my 'factory' as Mum calls my body stuff room. I pinched them for my punches as it is such a great way to store them. I own 27 SU punches and 12 from other companies, and that doesn't include the 'crop-a-dile'. I think my punch habit is a result of too many years doing decoupage, I am now over cutting things out!

Here's the final result. It works so well. My computer desk is on the opposite wall. I think this is why I've had a go at more challenges of late. It is so much better to have the challenge on the screen while I look through my supplies, and the space makes it so easy to access supplies and create. All I need now is a brain that can come up with its own ideas, but I'm not holding my breath!

Congrats if you made it right to the end, it was a long one. Must go & have a cuppa and face the day. I am back at work tonight, thus the late start to the day.

Have a good one,
F xox


Kylie said...

What a great crafting space Fiona, love it!
I have a corner in the lounge and all my 'toys' are taking over lol!

Take Care,
Kylie X

Sue said...

Wow that looks like a great place to create Fiona!
Cheers, Sue

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