Friday, December 11, 2009

CASEing Marelle's Gumball Card

Hi Guys,

Another quick post. I went to my cousin's son's (hi Zachary) 5th birthday dinner the other night & after seeing this card by Marelle (its the 3rd card down, amazing!!!) I couldn't rest til I'd had a go at making one for Zach. I had to quickly make it before work so it is not as good as I would've liked, and next time I would use brighter colours. However Marelle's idea of placing a sliding panel behind the cup so the treats could be accessed is pure genius! Zach was suitably impressed and my workmates all want me to make them for their kid's b'days next year. Looks like I better stock up on those cups, LOL.

Here's a pic of the inside. The hole where the lollies come out is shown on the left & I liked Marelle's idea of putting a pic behind the cup (when the card is closed) so there is something to look at when the lollies are gone. One work mate liked it so much I raced home & made one before I went to bed the next morning so she could have it for her Grandson's b'day the following day.

Must go & get ready for work again. it does get in the way of my crafting LOL. Must take a pic of the earring I made, they have been selling like hotcakes at work!

Have a great weekend,
Love Fi xox


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