Saturday, August 13, 2011

Back again!

Hi Guys,

I am making hay while the sun shines (or blogging whilst sniffing). Thought I'd make use of my time off sick from work and do another blog.

One of the patients at work recently gave birth to twins. She was initially admitted many weeks ago as she was at great risk of going into extreme premature labour. We became quite friendly as i was working on the antenatal ward for a month and we would chat every day. I really enjoyed that time as their were so many lovely women on the ward, several that I became quite close to. It is so thrilling to see them come through the obstacles and go onto take home healthy babies.

Anyway, when the lady with the twins reached the milestone of 24 weeks (still very prem, but the gestation at which resuscitation and care will be offered) I made her a celebratory card.

I have made a twin card using 2 peas before but I figured these babes were still '2 peas in 1 pod' so made the card that way. I found the initial idea and tutorial for the peas here on Andrea Walford's blog.

Well the twins made it and were born at a healthy gestation 2 weeks ago, beautiful babies and thrilled parents. I was privileged to get to meet them after they were born. I've bought a little gift and had to make a card, of course!

I was searching for twin ideas and wanted to keep it fairly simple. I saw this card on Ilina Crouse's blog (she makes great things) and thought I could adapt it to a twin card. I used a cut up embossing folder for the strip of dots and the baby suits are from SU's 'Baby Bundle' stamp set. the sentiment is from PTI and I added the 's' to the end with a marker. I haven't sent it yet, better do so next week. I was pretty happy with the simplicity and 'lightness' of this card.

Better go and do something, or nothing, as the case may be.

Fi x


Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

Well ... you would go broke if you bought gifts for all the babies you help bring into the world! But ... I can understand your attachment to these two little bundles. It is nice to hear a story with a happy ending, Fi! Hugs xxaxx

H2 :) said...

You're so sweet & thoughtful Fi. Bet your expectant Mum loved her "24 week" milestone card. The actual arrival card is gorgeous too, love the embossed strip (but I couldn't bring myself to cut up an embossing folder) & the sweet baby tees. Beautiful. :)

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