Sunday, May 23, 2010

Convention is over :-(

Hi Guys,

I've just got home from having an amazing time at Convention. From meeting & getting to know my fabbo room-mate Sarah-Jane, meeting Kirsty Brown (& her lovely Mum) & Teneale Williams; spending time with the awesome Klass Act girls (thanks so much to Sarah, Tim & family for letting me join in on a fun night; & also to Beth, Hayley, Nat & Louise for letting me hang with you, what a great bunch you are), meeting Andrea Lowcock & her lovely team; to saying hi to Sue Madex, it was a fantastic time. Convention showed me that SU are serious when they say that relationships are one of there core values.

I will post more later (with some pics) but i just wanted to share this. On our first night, Sarah-Jane & I had just hit the hay after chatting til about 12 (who, us???) & I was just dozing off when this hideous noise started. I thought someone had set an alarm clock for 12:30am, when I realised it was the fire alarm! We trotted down the fire stairs in summer PJ's, shoes & cardi (fabulous look) & waited out in the cold for about 30-45 mins waiting to find out what was happening. We were allowed back in & got back to bed by about 1:30. Just dozing off again when at 2:30 we hear a voice announcing that we had to evacuate the building AGAIN, & then the alarm sounded. Back down we go (only this time I decided to put my jeans on) only to be sent back in again by about 3. We went down 8 flights of stairs twice & up once, boy were my legs sore the next day. It was not conducive to staying awake that day, luckily the speakers were so interesting, it stopped me dozing off. It certainly was an adventure, one I hope never to repeat!

Anyway, off to have a bit of a rest. Catch you soon,
Fi xox


Lee said...

Can you believe it's all over?!!! Sorry to hear about those pesky fire alarms, did the hotel reimburse you for that? Looking very forward to your photos!

Lee x

Genelle Little said...

Glad you had fun Fi - and I am coming to Convention next year, woohoo!!

Sue Madex said...

Was so nice to be able to say hi in person at convention and I loved your swap Fi. Wasn't it fun (well except for the woop woop woop of those fire alarms!) See you next year!

~Lisa J~ said...

Hi Fiona
Thanks for your comment on my blog. I thought your swap was lovely too.
I was also staying at the Oaks and am still having nightmares about being woken by fire alarms!!

Kylie said...

Hi Fiona,
It sounds like you had a blast at convention but The fire alarm excitement doesn't sound like fun lol!
Looking forward to seeing your pics!

Take Care,
Kylie X

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