Thursday, October 22, 2009


Yay, it is Elise's wedding tomorrow. I am so looking forward to it, seeing her all gorgeous, catching up with good friends (& hopefully not stuffing up the reading that I'm doing, a huge honour!). Today I had to go to hairdressers, paint nails, epilady & put on a bit of fake tan, all in the name of vanity, so didn't even go to bed after work today. That's one way to fit more hours into a day, I'm now at about hour 28. Also had to get a new printer & install it. Fun fun. As such, haven't had time to play with Keesh's challenge this week, and it was a beauty. Check it out here. Finished the inside of Elise's wedding card using vellum card stock (for the first time, i like it).
No piccies tonight but will put one up of the happy couple if Elise lets me.

Have a great day,
Fi xox


Sue said...

Hope the wedding was beautiful, and that your reading went well. Cheers, Sue

Amanda Reddicliffe said...

Thanks for popping in and saying hello at my blog. I hope you have fun at your regionals!! xx Amanda

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